Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


Here is an assisted exercise that allows you to work efficiently with your chest and safely. Bring your arms together will make your large pectoral and small pectoral to intervene to be able to spread out.

The maximum contraction gives a stronger feeling on the inside of the chest.

Instructions for chest machine

  • 1. Set your load before you sit down.
  • 2. Sit with your back flat against the seat. Look straight ahead to protect your neck.
  • 3. Place your forearms against the protections. The arms are elongated but not stretched to the maximum.
  • 4. Tight your arms by contracting the pecs.
  • 5. Slowly release the pressure and return to the starting position.
  • 6. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Improve yourself with our techniques, tips and advices of chest machine

  • 1. Remember to load enough. An assisted machine is always easier than an exercise with free weights.
  • 2. Keep your back and head pressed on the seat. Have a straight posture.
  • 3. Stabilize the pelvis by contracting the abdominals and maintaining pressure on the ground with the feet.
  • 4. Hold the machine when you return to the initial position to maximize the eccentric work on your chest.
  • 5. Do not take too much break time during your maximum contraction to avoid the very painful muscle cramp at this level.

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