Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedForearms


Here is a current variation of the dumbbell curl, seated incline dumbbell biceps curl, it allows to isolate the biceps.

The fact of sitting allows you to have an optimal position to isolate the long portion of the biceps, indeed, the muscle will be more stretched and very solicited.

This is one of the best exercises to develop your biceps, the external part will be further worked with this exercise. The brachio-radial of the forearm is the muscle that intervenes in a secondary way in the movement

Here are the instructions for seated incline dumbbell biceps curl

  • 1. Have a dumbbell in each supine hand (the back of your hands is facing the ground) and sit on a bench inclined at 45 °. The feet are well anchored to the ground and the back pressed against the seat. Here is the starting position.
  • 2. The arm is almost stretched towards the ground, and the elbow and shoulder joints are aligned. Then flex your elbow to raise the dumbbell with maximum contraction of the biceps.
  • 3. Return slowly to the starting position by extending the arm without going in full amplitude.
  • 4. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Our advice, tips and techniques for the seated incline dumbbell biceps curl

  • 1. You can keep your head on the seat or raise it slightly.
  • 2. Do not stretch your arm to your maximum during your stride so as not to disadvantage your biceps and to avoid possible injuries.
  • 3. Lock your elbows, they should not move backwards or forwards.
  • 4. The shoulders should be relaxed and backwards as they are not engaged.
  • 5. On the return phase (eccentric) be sure to control and slow down the movement to work on other types of muscle fibers and further develop your strength.
  • 6. Take enough rest between your sets, higher than the 30 seconds often recommended, the ideal would be between 1 minutes and 1 minutes and 30 seconds depending on your goal.
  • 7. Focus on the biceps, only the forearm will move throughout the exercise.

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