Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedTraps


To progress on your shoulders, vary the exercises and angles of work. Here is a new variant that develops your deltoids and trapezes. You will work mainly medial deltoid because you are lying down and can not lean backwards or forward so it is the average deltoid that is solicited.

Follow these operating instructions for the lying side lateral raise with cable

  • 1. Attach a handle on each side of the machine and plan a flat bench. Then set the load.
  • 2. Grip the handles in reverse mode (left handle with right hand and vice versa) in pronation (palms of hands down). Then lie on the bench with your head resting and the shoulder blades flat.
  • 3. Your arms are along the body with a very slight tension. Then pull the handles toward your shoulders.
  • 4. While controlling the movement, release and return to the home position.
  • 5. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

To improve yourself, here are our tips, advice and techniques on the lying side lateral raise with cable

  • 1. Always keep your head and shoulder blades on the bench.
  • 2. Keep the elbow flexed slightly while leaving it free to move.
  • 3. Mount the handles until the wrists and elbows are aligned with the shoulders. Do not climb higher to avoid conflict with your acromion (shoulder bone)
  • 4. Keep voluntarily the descent, it must be twice as slow as the concentric phase.

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