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Lying cable extension


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Used musclesNone


To have a large arm volume, it is essential to properly strengthen our triceps.

Indeed, the size of your arms depends largely on this muscle which constitutes more than half of these.

This movement allows us to have a particular focus on the external vastness of the triceps.

The use of the pulley allows a better amplitude on the movement. Think to adapt your diet plan to optimize your workouts.

Here are the instructions for lying cable extension :

  • 1. Set the load first before lying on the floor.
  • 2. In the ground position, begin the movement by forming a right angle with your forearm relative to your triceps.
  • 3. Tighten the shoulder blades and keep the shoulders fixed / anchored to the ground and you can bend your knees to stabilize yourself.
  • 5. Triceps should always be grounded throughout the exercise.
  • 6. As you exhale, extend your arms forward to push the rope until your hands touch the ground.
  • 7. While inhaling, bend your elbows back to you and return to the initial position.8. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Lying cable extension : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. Thumbs surround the bar for your safety.
  • 2. Lock the elbow in a way to move only the joint but not its position.
  • 3. Make sure you have enough space above your head to move the bar.
  • 4. Be stable and without moving while exercising.

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