Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedAbs, biceps, shoulders, upper back


Here it is a variation because the execution is unilateral and the grip is in supination, the biceps is involved in the movement. It allows you to put more charge.

Like all your bodybuilding exercises, it's important to optimize your diet plan.

This is the nstructions for unilateral supination lat machine and how to do

  • 1. Set the load on the machine and attach a handle that allows supination and pulling down.
  • 2. Grip it with the palm of your hand facing you and with a shoulder width spacing.
  • 3. Next, sit on the seat, letting the arm stretch.
  • 4. While inhaling, pull your arm, down and on the same axis, contracting your lats. Bring the center of the handle as low as possible toward the center of the chest.
  • 5. While controlling the climb, return to the starting position. Reassemble as much as possible by extending your arm to the maximum.
  • 6. Continue your series by repeating the movement the desired number of times on this arm then change sides.

Unilateral supination lat machine : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. Take care of your breathing, we inspire when we pull and we exhale when we release.
  • 2. Focus your attention on the top of your back during the draw.
  • 3. Do not make quick or abrupt gestures and keep control of your movement.
  • 4. Hold the return phase as much as possible, control the movement on the eccentric phase (when you release to return to the initial position).
  • 5. Do not overtighten the handle to avoid overloading your biceps.
  • 6. Your elbows must be flexed.

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