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Sport and menstruations: which sports to practice when you’re on your period?

Doing sport during your period: let's take stock

Each woman is unique and experiences different symptoms during her period.

But, exercising lowers your oestrogen levels and improves your blood flow.  

Sport is therefore not to be avoided, except if you feel pain or other symptoms, such as vomiting, which prevent you from practicing it.

But then what are the precautions to take and the best exercises to do during this complicated time of the month?

Come and discover it all in order to make your menstrual period a proactive time!

The benefits of physical exercise during your period.

sport and menstruationsWhen you are menstruating, you may suffer from uterine cramps, abdominal pain and bloating.

During times like these, the idea of indulging in physical activity may seem unappealing, even inconceivable.

However, it is proven that exercise can be very helpful to ease your menstrual pain.

  • First, exercise improves blood flow to your muscles, including your uterine muscles, which can help reduce cramps and ease your abdominal pains.
  • Sport also helps you relax your sore muscles, allowing them to return to their natural relaxed state.
  • Most of all, physical activity is known to reduce stress and promote the production of endorphins, the "happiness hormones", which can improve mood and reduce menstrual pain.

Which types of exercise to practice?

Gentle yoga, reconnecting with your body.

Gentle Yoga is based on posture practice on a slow rhythm. So why this sport?

A sport like this will first of all allow you to refocus on your body. During this period, when you feel like it is mistreating you, reconnecting with it can only do you good.

Furthermore, this will relax painful areas such as your lower back or your pelvic muscles.

In short, a well-needed time of physical and mental relaxation.

Swimming, feel like a fish in water.

Nowadays, with, for example, the rise of menstrual cups (cups), you can go swimming in peace, when your flow is not too heavy.

The water, while swimming, will massage and relax your whole body.

In addition, swimming is an excellent choice of physical activity during your period, because it not only allows you to strengthen your muscles, but also to relieve them gently.

Thanks to the gravity you feel in water, this sport allows you to deeply work all your muscles out, without exerting unwanted pressure, while allowing smooth and easy movements.

Therefore, if you are looking for a gentle and relaxing physical activity during your period, swimming may be an option worth exploring.

Walking or jogging, so the pains are left behind.

sport and menstruationsGood cardio exercises will release your endorphins and increase your blood flow.

As you now know, these beneficial effects are your friends.

Jogging also allows your body to get well oxygenated, and therefore to be better able to function efficiently. Jogging even allows you to burn your fat more easily.  

Without too much effort, a good jog with lively music or a good brisk walk in the middle of a natural area could become a really nice monthly ritual. A great way to make your period more fun and active!

Which precautions should you take before getting started?

Make sure you are well protected.

The first thing to do is to pay attention to yourself: understand how your body works.

When is your period heavy and when is it lighter?

Once you know yourself, choose protection that suits your needs.

It can be internal, as with cups or tampons, essential for swimming.

Your protection can also be external (washable panties, pads, etc.) for all other sports.

But above all, if a leak occurs, don't be ashamed! Half of the world's population is affected by menstruations, which is essential to giving life, so always take extra protection with you, but don't get stressed out!

Listen to yourself!

sport and menstruationsExercising during your period can provide many health benefits, but it's important to listen to your body during this time.

It is therefore important to listen to your body and respect your cycle when it comes to practicing a sport during your period.

If you feel that your body is more tired, you can reduce the intensity of your training. If you feel pain or cramps that are too strong, it is important to stop exercising and rest.

Pay attention to your energy levels and, if necessary, adjust your workout accordingly.

By listening to your body, you can keep on practicing a sport during your period while maintaining your health and well-being.

Don’t forget to eat sufficiently and with foods that will help you go through your menstrual period serenely

Exercising while on your periods, a summary:

  • You can keep on exercising during your period, but opt for gentle workouts and exercises.
  • By listening to your body, by giving it the right hygienic protections and with a good diet, you can keep on being active.
  • If your period is too painful or tiring, don't feel guilty and get some rest! You will resume your workout sessions during the rest of your monthly cycle!
  • And if you’re using our app to exercise at home, you will reach your goals easily, guided by top sports coaches, who will be here for you... at any time of the month! 

So get started, if you still haven't downloaded Featness, your digital sports coach that accompanies you during your period. You can even try out the application for free during 7 days ! ;)