Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedBiceps, lats


Here again is a variation of the classic horizontal pull. The pulley gives you flexibility and mobility, the movement will seem more fluid and less restrictive.

This compound exercise engages the biceps and lats .. Being backwards allows you to continually be in tension on the back muscles. It will put in trouble for the balance and will force you to remain anchored to the ground with the well-shorn body.

To achieve the horizontal pull cable , here are the instructions

  • 1. Install a pull rope on the bottom of the machine and set the desired load.
  • 2. Bend your knees to grab the rope and then put yourself in position: that is, about one meter from the machine, arms outstretched, feet are at the pelvis width spacing, buttocks and pelvis to the back and the back is bent at about 45 ° (see video).
  • 3. Grasp each side of the rope into neutral grip (palm inward) and pull toward you by bending your elbows backwards.
  • 4. To return to the starting position, extend the arms and release the muscle tension.
  • 5. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

To go further, here are the tips, advice and techniques of horizontal pull cable

  • 1. The back should be flat throughout the exercise.
  • 2. Have an abdominal contraction from the beginning to the end of your series.
  • 3. Keep the elbows closest to the body during the pulling.
  • 4. Look in front of you, so you do not look down and protect your neck.
  • 5. You can slightly raise the bust to accompany the movement without accentuating the curvature of the back. The eyes must then follow the movement to protect the cervical (see video).
  • 6. Be careful to your posture, straight and solid on your supports.

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