Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


To develop your shoulders, here is a new exercise to use in all your upper body sessions.

It is reserved for people of intermediate level because it solicit strongly your deltoids and simultaneously.

Read the instructions for performing the lying down rear delt with dumbbell

  • 1. From front, leaning your bust against the seat, grip the handles in pronation (palm of hand down).
  • 2. By an inverted way, elevate dumbbell as far as possible backwards of your back, raising your arms.
  • 4. Go back to the initial position and continue your rehearsals on this series.

Check out our list of tips, advice and techniques for lying down rear delt with dumbbell

  • 1. Focus on the back of your shoulder as you mount the handles.
  • 2. Keep the bust as still as possible, do not swivel the pelvis.
  • 3. Keep feet on the ground and abdominals contracted for your stability.
  • 4. When pulling both handles at the same time, remember to carefully tighten your shoulder blades.
  • 5. Do not give jerks, and do not take a momentum, you must control your weight during all the exercise.
  • 6. Keep a slight bend in the elbow.

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