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Home workout: 7 tips to transform your living room into a gym

Several tips for creating your own gym and working out in your living room with Featness

After a long period of curfews and restrictions, you are never better served than by yourself to practice a sport, get in shape and get into serious fitness, right? So, why not get active and redesign your living room into a gym? There is nothing more enjoyable than working out in a place that is familiar to us. However, having your own gym cannot be improvised - quite the contrary!

Follow our 7 tips for working out hard in your living room and becoming the pro at home sports ... Let’s go!

1 / A room specially dedicated to your sports training

We title this article "7 tips to transform your living room into a gym". Nothing prevents you from improvising your home gym, gym or workout room, in your garage, or in any other room that you deem suitable for exercising at home.

The living room seems to us the simplest option in the sense that:

You need a large room, at least 10 m², to practice your workouts with ease. This large space gives you the option of fitting out your sports area with sports machines or other sports equipment (such as a treadmill or an elliptical trainer to work on your cardio). If your wallet allows it, why bother?

The choice of this room is relevant, because you can easily ventilate so as not to suffocate in a too humid atmosphere;

If you have spacious accommodation, create a custom-made room dedicated to playing sports. You can install, among other things, a micro-room hidden behind a hidden door ... Why not in your living room with its sofa / Netflix & Chill side, and the other, intensive sport and perspiration?

2 / Bodyweight exercises, a must for easy training in your living room

You don't have to invest thousands and cents in expensive sports equipment to lose calories, sculpt, tone your figure, and improve your fitness. Bodyweight exercises are the foundation for training effectively in your converted living room. Only one essential element to perform these exercises: buy a sports mat, so you can exercise without disturbing your neighbors. In addition to absorbing shocks and avoiding injury, the groundsheet addresses the risk of noise pollution.

Bodyweight training: some exercises to easily strengthen your different muscle groups:

The squat works your lower body like your quads, thighs and glutes. It effectively works your cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory system. Its variant, the sumo squat, uses your adductors and requires a good mastery of basic posture and technique to avoid any risk of muscle tearing.

The abdominal sheathing or ventral sheathing, meanwhile, works your abdominal belt (or abdominal strap), strengthens your deep abdominal muscles including the transverse muscle. Objective flat stomach, the abdominal plank will tone and firm all your abs. Our favorite to tone your belly and muscle your buttocks: abs-glutes, essential physical exercises to practice in your improvised living room in a home sports club!

There are of course other bodyweight exercises that we invite you to discover in your personalized six-week workout plan, by subscribing to our Featness membership.

3 / Light sports equipment for hyper efficient training

No need to buy yourself a huge elliptical trainer or a heavy, bulky weight machine to work out effectively at home. Even if you like to train for bodyweight, having basic equipment varies the sessions and diversifies your sports practice.

With a sports program adapted and personalized by your personal trainer Featness, exercises with sports equipment add that little touch of intensity, resistance and pleasure to spice up your workout.

The strength of basic and inexpensive accessories like dumbbells or rubber bands is based on the principle of progressive overload. What is progressive overload? This is the continuous increase in your performance during training, by increasing the load, sets, number of repetitions, duration of exercise, etc. Result, you step out of your comfort zone, push the limits of your body and quickly see results!

4 / The top sports accessories to absolutely have at home

sport at home top accessories

The floor mat:

A must have for muscle building exercises, cardio, fitness, core training and abdominal exercises. Buy a comfortable mat to enjoy your sports sessions, which you diversify every day.


Extremely useful accessories for strengthening muscles both upper and lower body, elastic bands are perfect for working all muscles, while preserving your joints, in the knee, among others, when flexing.

The dumbbell:

10, 20, 30 kilos ... dumbbells will allow you to gain muscle mass. An essential accessory to strengthen the muscles, work the muscles constantly by increasing the weights in stages.

The TRX:

Do you want to become a sheathing pro, develop your strength and train in an original way? Opt for the suspension straps that you hang super easily on your living room door.

The pull-up bar:

A top fitness accessory if you want to follow a weight training program and work your upper body and your pecs. Install it easily and it will become your sports ally.

The skipping rope:

A true Proust madeleine for some, reminiscent of childish games, it is as much a great cardio-training accessory to refine your silhouette, as a real warm-up tool for your lower muscles.

The weight bench:

Investing in a weight bench will one day become essential to exercise effectively at home. Combined with a pair of dumbbells, this weight training accessory allows you to train like in a real weight room! With a weight bench, you have access to several types of strength training. The bench press and incline press, to develop your chest. The dumbbell row and the pullover, to strengthen your back and your trapezius muscles. Arnold press and the seated side lateral raises, to work your shoulders while protecting your back muscles (your back straight!). At the end of the workout, pull the dumbbells back and start stretching, directly on the bench. Double use to sculpt your body and stretch!

5 / Why not use the equipment at hand to train?

With the corner sofa and coffee table pushed into a corner, an important element in the construction of your home gym should be added: the mirror. Indeed, it allows you (in addition to admiring yourself) to see if you are performing the sports exercises well, and to correct your position if necessary.

First accessory to divert, the carpet. No need to buy one at a sports store, the one at home will do the trick. It will be used as a support for a number of exercises, from core training to abs work, not to mention push-ups.

Now, make way for the chairs, an apparently innocuous object ... and yet! By putting your feet or hands on it, it allows you to modulate the level of difficulty of the push-ups and to work your abs in a smart way. With them, you perform many variations of push-ups, like Jack push-ups or dips.

Another trick for low-cost training: for abs, wedge your feet under a dresser to block them. For obliques, you can use a broom placed behind your head. Then turn your head and bust to the left and right.

6 / Install speakers to motivate yourself… like in a real gym!

It's proven, we work better with music. And, while headphones may be a sufficient solution, they are quickly limited when you feel like moving, especially in the context of HIIT sessions or high intensity training. Put your favorite playlist and play it on your Bluetooth speaker ... and let's go to burn calories! If you wish, since you are in your living room, launch a training video to motivate yourself;)

7 / Featness, a digital personal trainer that adapts to your sporting needs

It doesn't really matter where you practice sports, the most important thing is the personalization of your sports program. Mass gain, muscle building, melting, fitness ... Featness supports you personally in your sporting goals! We also offer a wide range of training videos, accessible directly from your smartphone with Featness. Exercising has never been easier!

Now that you have set up your living room in the gym as you wish, why not download Featness, your digital home sports coach who accompanies you through each session with a single click? ?

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