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How To Prepare An Online Sports And Food Program ?

Find out how you can combine exercise, diet, a healthy lifestyle and build a sports training plan appropriate to your own sports and dietary goals.

Having a good nutrition structure and quality of food is essential for excellent athlete performance. Finding a diet plan that is effective, safe, and sustainable can be a huge problem, especially for athletes. This is mainly because what you eat can greatly impact your physical performance, hence, needing you to tailor it to fit your fitness goals. A good sports diet can help with the energy needed to enjoy a casual workout, or activity or just finish a race. This is why enrolling in an online sports and food program provides a quantitative assessment of energy and nutrient intake. (1) 

An athlete is more likely to be tired and performs badly during a sports activity when they do not get enough calories, carbohydrates, protein, fluids, Iron, vitamins, and other minerals. Nutrition plays an important role in sports performance.


What Is Sport Nutrition?

Sports nutrition is the basis of athletic achievement. It is a properly designed nutrition plan that allows athletes and active adults to perform at their best. 

An online sports and food program helps ensure that you consume the correct type of food, nutrients, and fluids to keep the body functioning maximally. A sport and food program will vary day to day, specifically tailored to your daily energy demands.

How To Prepare And Online Sport And Food App

There are several factors to put into consideration when creating an online sports and food app. Depending on the type of diet and nutrition app, it will include different types of users, such as sports enthusiasts, nutrition experts, regular users, etc. The featness app does not only help you in losing weight but also aids in improving lifestyle, diet consumption, food habits, etc. This online sports and food program mobile app is also tailored to its users’ needs and contains a set of essential tools like:

  • a diet chart
  • a calories counter,
  • tips on supplements and sports nutrition.
  • a progress tracker.

Featness sports and diet coaching application

Sports Nutrition Basics

The energy required for physical activities comes from the food we eat and the fluids we drink. It is important to understand how each class work and how much of them you will need to consume daily. Macronutrients in these classes of food supply the energy needed for optimal body function.



Carbohydrates provide energy during exercise and are stored mostly in the liver and muscles. Complex carbohydrates are found in foods like pasta, bagels, rice, and whole-grain bread. They provide energy, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. These foods are low in fat. On the other hand, simple sugars found in soft drinks, jams, candy, etc, provide a lot of calories but do not provide minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. What is important is the total amount of carbohydrates you consume daily. Half of your calories should be gotten from carbohydrates.


Protein is necessary for muscle growth and the repair of body tissues. Protein is also used by the body for energy, but only when the carbohydrate stored has been used up.


While a performance-enhancing diet has reduced fat by design, as an athlete, you must. add healthy fats to your diet. Not only are fats essential for hormone production and cell membrane structure, but some types of fats like omega-3 fatty acids also serve as effective anti-inflammatories.

Water And Fluids

Water is the most important nutrient for athletes, yet the most overlooked. Water is needed to keep your body hydrated and at the right temperature. The body can lose liters of sweat in one hour of vigorous sport or exercise.

water sports nutrition

How To Get The Best From An Online Sports And Food Program While Cooking

Fortunately, because technology has made life easy, there are plenty of online sports and food programs on samysart.com with suitable options for every athlete. Enrolling in an online food and sports program is not only limited to people who take fast and already prepped meals. For athletes who prepare their meals, knowledge of how to make quick, tasty, easy, and nutritious meals can make all the difference between fueling for high sports performance or bad performance.

Here are some important tips to note when cooking at home after enrolling in an online sports and food program.

Cooking for high performance?

It is not enough to know what meals to eat for high sports performance, knowing the best method to cook it matters a bunch. To ensure that you get the best out of your meal preparations for your sports activities, here are a few cooking tips to note;

Cooking Up Vegetables

Best cooking methods: roasted, raw, steamed, grilled, sautéed. To keep essential minerals and vitamins in:

  • Use cooking spray or a teaspoon of  oil to sauté.
  • Your vegetables should remain slightly crunchy
  • Heat oil properly before adding vegetables.
  • Soups are a great option for getting a variety of minerals and vitamins. 

Cooking Up Starches and grains:

Rice & Pasta: For best results:

  • Add a pinch of salt to the water to enhance the flavor and to boil faster
  • For a cold pasta meal; rinse the cooked pasta in cold water so it does not stick.
  • Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the boiling water to prevent the pasta or rice from sticking together.


Best choices: Lighter-colored fish like sole and halibut are lower in fat, while more bright-colored fish such as tuna or salmon are higher in healthy fats.

Cooking Time: Use 10 minutes per inch of thickness.

  • If buying frozen, store it in the refrigerator and do not refreeze it to avoid the risk of foodborne diseases. 
  • Buy firm fish with no strong fishy smells.

Beef and Pork

Best cooking methods: broiled, roasted, grilled, stir-fried. 

Best cuts to choose from: look out for cuts that contain the words “round” or loin such as top round or tenderloin. 

  • Grilling is a good way to reduce fat content. 
  • Unless for soup or stew, do not boil meat as it causes significant decreases in nutritional value.
  • Avoid using excess oil in the pan for gravy due to its high saturated fat.

Using the featness app can help you reach your fitness goals quickly through a combination of diet nutrition, and personal training. Eating the right diet and creating a targeted and personalized online sport and food fitness program tailored just for you is the best way to get in shape. Train with the best! 

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