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Featness.app - Sports Coach on mobile | Available on iOS and Android

Featness, the best sports coaching application on mobile. An app for all athletes, with a wide range of exercises and training programs.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is very important for the overall health of a person. Over the years, experts have claimed that physical activity, exercise, and diet are the most important factors for good health. However, many people find it difficult to obtain the best support in their fitness journey, due to lack of financial means or simply lack space at home to improvise a gym.

To allow everyone to take care of their health, we present to you the best fitness application there is: the Featness fitness coaching mobile application, available on iOS and Android.


Let’s focus on the main features of the Featness application

There is probably an endless list of services and benefits that you can get with the Featness app. However, below is a detailed summary of everything you need to know.

6-week sports program with Artificial Intelligence

One of the main problems encountered with an online fitness coach is the low level of personalization of services. This is not the case with Featness, which was created taking into account the highest level of personalization, thanks to artificial intelligence integrated into the very operation of the app.

Before you start the 6-week program, the Featness app will ask you relevant questions that will help you accurately determine your fitness goals, body needs, weaknesses, and strengths.

Then you will be offered a hyper-personalized workout program to provide the right workout for the right muscle at the right time. This is the whole point of Featness, an intelligent sports coach that adapts specifically to your needs. What else?

Personalized diet plan

Sport and nutrition are inseparable. Besides the influence of diet on physical fitness, the foods we eat can also reduce or increase the risk of certain diseases. The smart diet plan takes all of this into account and ensures that the Featness app provides you with the right balance of food, tailored just for you. Weight gain food plan or weight loss food plan, the objectives are completely different...that's good because Featness adapts to you.

Your diet will be personalized according to physical parameters such as age, sex, body mass index, etc., but also according to your daily activity (if you do a physical job or, on the contrary, an office job ) and your level of training. Featness has the best recommendations for healthy body weight, this is an undeniable advantage of this application that will revolutionize your relationship with your weight.

Training videos to perfect your movements and positions

Pictures are arguably the easiest way to learn a new activity or task. That's why the Featness.app has a lot of exercise videos and sports workouts. The videos have been produced and selected by the best sports and fitness specialists. You can also save your favorite videos and watch them anytime. Over 200 videos are available to guide you on your fitness or weight loss journey…

You are not alone...the Featness community answers all your questions

The inbuilt community of Featness.app contributes to making it one of the best fitness applications in recent years. The application offers you a space in which you can ask questions about the correct position to perform an exercise, or if you want specific training after a sprained knee for example.

Ask your question on the platform and you will receive answers from a professional online fitness coach in the flesh, who moderates the application and is always available to accompany you in your physical transformation.

A personal fitness coach: Samy Sart

Beyond the expertise and excellence of the Featness app, you can also decide to call on a real-life personal trainer, Samy Sart. Samy is passionate, competent, and experienced. Samy's many specialties include weight loss, muscle gain, physical preparation, diet coaching, running, and postural correction. Indeed, Samy is the definition of a smart diet coach and online fitness coach. A personal trainer can be the perfect fitness coach you need, from the comfort of your home. This will allow for a physical body assessment and more flexible schedules.


personal trainer Samy SART

The main benefits of the Featness app, your smart personal trainer, for your health

Fitness isn't just about self-confidence or body enhancement. The most important benefits of a personal trainer are related to the simple fact of having a healthy body weight. Health research has established a link between obesity or being overweight and different diseases. Among these are heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. These diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.

Featness.app has been developed based on beneficial interventions that ensure healthy body weight. Experts have recommended a minimum of 150 minutes/week of moderate-intensity exercise and 2 days of muscle-strengthening exercise to maintain a healthy body weight.

However, when weight loss or muscle building is indicated or desired by an individual, a longer duration of activity or more vigorous exercise will be required to achieve the intended results.

Where to get the Featness application - your sports coach on mobile?

The Featness app is very accessible and available to everyone. Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you can use the Featness app directly on your phone.

All you need to do is just search for the application on your store, download the application and then create your account. You can then use the application everywhere, from your favorite gym to your improvised fitness room if you can exercise quietly, at any time of the day. What else?

Featness.App Subscription - Sports Coaching App on Mobile

To take full advantage of the different services of the best fitness applicationFeatness app, it is important to activate your subscription. The app subscription is billed weekly or monthly.

It's simple, you can activate your subscription for 9.99 CHF/EUR per month or 97.99 CHF/EUR billed every year...i.e. 1.88 CHF/EUR per week, the equivalent of a coffee per week to stay in shape all year round.

What more are you waiting for to take charge of your physical transformation? Download the Featness app now!