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10 tips to start preparing your summer body now

Summer is slowly approaching and you're starting to think about your summer beach body? By following our tips, you can achieve a dream body easily!

Summer is slowly approaching and you're starting to think about your summer beach body?

By following our tips, you can achieve a dream body easily!

With some effort and above all motivation, reaching an ideal weight is within reach. You will be able to enjoy summer in shape and feeling good about yourself!

Beach body goal: set realistic goals

summer body objectiveThe first step to having a great summer body is setting realistic and achievable goals.

Organisation is the key to staying focused, and by setting specific goals, you won't scatter your efforts.

Also define clear objectives: which parts of your body you want to work on as a priority, the weight you want to lose, how you want to build muscle...

Prepare an action plan that you will stick to every day: diet, training sessions tailored to fit your goals... this will surely keep you away from a loss of motivation.

A healthy and balanced diet to have the best summer body

A healthy and balanced diet is essential if you want to get a dream body. Establish a suitable meal plan that fits your lifestyle.

To lose fat, stay away from sugar and favour fruits and vegetables.

Be careful not to overdo it: neither too much nor too little, make sure you eat in the right proportions and with foods that are good for your health, in line with your sports goals.

To stay motivated, keep a positive attitude by not pressuring yourself and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Tip no. 3: Drink plenty of water

Optimal water consumption is absolutely essential, it even allows us to burn fat faster! What’s more, when exercising daily, it is more than important that you stay well hydrated.

The amount varies according to body weight, but usually make sure that you drink at least 2 litres a day, or about 8 glasses.

Adequate hydration also contributes to good mental functioning: put your body and your mind in harmony on the way to your summer body!

Practice cardio

cardio summer body tipsWhen we’re talking "Summer Body", we must not keep our focus on muscular training exclusively, it is just as important to work on our endurance and cardiovascular resistance to optimise the final results!

Cardio includes a variety of exercises such as jogging, swimming, cycling, high intensity interval training (HIIT) or skipping

Choose the activity that you enjoy the most in order to achieve your dream figure, while having a good time!

Don't forget muscle building

Cardio exercises and muscle building go hand in hand. Establish a daily program of bodybuilding exercises: firm up your legs, your buttocks and your stomach... In addition, muscle building is your best anti-aging ally!

Exercising at home is becoming even more accessible, so don’t be scared. Reclaim a perfect beach body by practicing sports in your home sweet home.

Focus on your abs

To give the finishing touch to the perfect summer body, don't forget the abs!

Your stomach is the mirror of your physical health and simple exercises like leg lifts or core strength work are perfect for a flat and shaped stomach.

Lose fat and replace it with nice abs!

Train in a group

summer body groupsIt's not always easy to stay motivated, so why not work on your goals together? As a couple, with friends...Boost each other!

In addition to getting you motivated, this practice of exercise in groups allows you to link reaching your sporting goals to fun with your loved ones. Help each other and spend a memorable summer together being healthy!

To reclaim your dream body for the beach, don’t forget your sleep

Don't neglect the importance of good sleep cycles either, a prolonged absence of sleep or sleep disorders can have a considerable negative impact on your physique.

A good night's sleep ensures a healthy recovery for your body so that it is ready for the training sessions to come!

Work on your bedtime habits by avoiding screens before sleeping and preferring a good meditation session, for example.

Practice conscious breathing

breathing tips summer bodyNow try a little exercise, focus only on your breathing for at least 1 minute...

By practicing this little game, you’ll find that you breathe better and that you are more focused and lucid.

This is the goal of conscious breathing, it will help you be more focused for facing your goals and feel more anchored in the present moment in general. A major ally in the quest for your summer body.

The perfect body does not exist, there’s body positivity!

If you stick to your daily program by strictly following your training and by respecting a diet aligned with your sporting goals, there will be results. But if these are not exactly what you expected, stay positive and satisfied: every metabolism is different!

Practice body positivity, living a healthy and balanced life, while loving and accepting yourself the way you are.

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