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Sport and menstruations: which sports to practice when you’re on your period?

Doing sport during your period: let's take stock

Which sport to practice when you are a young mother?

You're a young mother who wants to stay in shape but you don't know what sport to do. Then check out our tips.

10 tips to start preparing your summer body now

Summer is slowly approaching and you're starting to think about your summer beach body? By following our tips, you can achieve a dream body easily!

8 reasons to use a mobile app for exercising

Discover our 8 reasons to have a mobile app to work out

How to stay motivated when you exercise during winter?

Tips by Featness to stay motivated during winter to do sports.

Schred program: our advice and exercises to maintain your figure this year

Featness offers you several tips and a special cutting program to get schredded and maintain your figure this year.

Pregnancy and physical activity: how to choose the workout that's right for you?

Find out what types of exercise you can do without problems during your pregnancy.

10 tips to exercise at home for free

Discover our 10 tips for exercising without spending a cent (or almost).

Sports coaching and nutrition – What’s the best diet to secure your sports goals?

Focus on the different diets you can adopt to ensure your sporting goals and a balanced diet.

Festive season survival guide: 6 tips to avoid putting on weight this season.

Here are six tips for enjoying time with family and friends without packing on the pounds and maintaining your fitness goals

Featness.app - Sports Coach on mobile | Available on iOS and Android

Featness, the best sports coaching application on mobile. An app for all athletes, with a wide range of exercises and training programs.

How To Prepare An Online Sports And Food Program ?

Find out how you can combine exercise, diet, a healthy lifestyle and build a sports training plan appropriate to your own sports and dietary goals.

Seven healthy and easy meals you can eat any time of the day

Are you trying to eat healthy foods for your workout? Here are seven different types of food that will help you reach your recovery goals.

Top 10 Fitness Gadgets for a Healthy Life

Here are the 10 must-have fitness accessories that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

10 Best Fitness Apps to Follow in 2022

What are the 10 best fitness apps to follow in 2022 and why? Find out here!

Let's take stock of Whey Protein

Whey protein is a natural product, it is rich in nutrients and helps you build muscle. Learn how to consume it correctly!

Free app for sports without equipment

What are the best apps for working out? The best free app for exercising at home? Let's find out.

Senior training program: which sports for over 60s

Focus on beneficial sports training for athletes over 60

Personal training at home or indoor sports in solo mode?

Advantages and disadvantages of indoor sport and home personal training and focus on the emergence of online personal training in recent years.

Weight gain diet plan

Gaining mass cannot be improvised, it is a long-term job combining muscle training and diet adapted accordingly.

Let's take stock of Whey Protein

Whey protein is a natural product, it is rich in nutrients and helps you build muscle. Learn how to consume it correctly!

Benefits of a Personal Trainer - Get Maximum Results From Your Workouts

A personal trainer can help you get the most out of every workout session

Knee sprain: how to resume sport smoothly after such a disabling injury

Focus on the types of sports activities recommended after a knee injury

Home workout: 7 tips to transform your living room into a gym

Several tips for creating your own gym and working out in your living room with Featness

Focus on high intensity training (HIIT)

Benefits of this type of workout, examples of exercises for your high intensity training and tips for doing them well.

Personalized training program

Zoom in on the various training goals and personalized programs (weight loss, muscle building) ... Are you ready? Let's go!

Weight loss diet program

Our slimming advice to succeed in following your food program and achieve your sports and diet goals.

What is fitness

Definition, new trends for 2021 and the emergence of the personal trainer at home

Personal training

7 reasons to use our personal sports coaching mobile app to get back into shape

Macronutrients hold no secrets for you

To define macronutrients, these are the nutrients that give your body energy.

Ladies, your complete guide to your legs

What is the best example of a program to tone the thighs and glutes.

Exercises not to do for women

Everyone's dream is to have well-designed and muscular abs. Often synonymous with good form, it appeals to many and it is understandable!

All about carbohydrates

Here is a full summary on carbohydrates that will allow you to understand them and use them to your advantage.

5 myths in fitness that ruin the results

We were all newbies at the gym, we all made mistakes, and we all believed the most common myths in the fitness world.

Pregnant women, it's time to manage your workout

For the health of the child and yours, it is important to maintain activity throughout your pregnancy while adapting your sessions.